How to keep wasps from building nests on your porch

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There's nothing worse than noticing a nasty, buzzing bug on your porch. Yet when you look closer, you realize that this pest is a wasp, and it's built a nest in one of the corners of your porch. Wasps, especially yellowjackets, are very territorial, so they may feel threatened any time you decide to step foot on your porch. That means you can't sit and enjoy a beer out there, or merely walk outside to take in the nice weather. No one wants this scenario to happen to them, but it happens fairly often. Consider these tips to keep wasps off your porch.

Why wasps like porches

Wasps are big fans of wooden porches and decks, mainly because there's lots of nooks and crannies where they can hide, the San Francisco Chronicle noted. It also shelters their nest from the elements, but still gives them a chance to reach areas of food and establish other colonies. As mentioned, once wasps make a home on your property, you're going to have a problem. Wasps aren't afraid to sting, and they may sting more than once, especially when in a group. Their stings are incredibly painful and could lead to a visit to the emergency room if it causes an allergic reaction. They will also sting any pets who come in their way. Usually they make their nests up high, so they can be hard to notice if they are small enough.

Pest control tips

Follow these suggestions to keep pests off your porch.

  • Close off desirable spots: Wasps love any cracks and crevices you might have, and porches offer a lot of those, EarthEasy stated. It may be best to close off any openings so these pests don't think the area is suitable for them.

  • Take away food: Surprisingly, wasps like sources of protein in the spring and summer months. So, if you have an open garbage container near your yard or you have scraps of food left here and there, you could attract wasps. Once these pests realizes there's food, they won't hesitate to try and build a nest somewhere close by. Always ask your family members not to litter or leave trash lying around, and only bring the garbage out in a closed container right before it's picked up.

  • Don't kill them: If you kill one wasp, it won't do you any good. When they're killed, wasps release a pheromone that attracts other wasps to the site. So, if there was only one wasp buzzing around, now you have a lot of them.

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