How to keep raccoons from becoming a nuisance

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Most homeowners would probably prefer not to have an encounter with a raccoon in the backyard. Raccoons can harbor infectious diseases, make a mess of household waste and even infest your garage or attic if given the opportunity. That being said, these critters can provide your property with a number of benefits, as raccoons will prey on everything from wasp grubs to small rodents, according to the San Francisco Guardian. All the same, most folks probably would want to keep raccoons at a distance whenever possible. Here are a few helpful tips for discouraging these furry creatures away from your home:

Identify the problem
Each home is different and for that reason will require a unique approach for keeping raccoons away. For example, a homeowner with an aging roof or garage may first want to cover any holes or points of entry that could be used by a raccoon or other creature. The Canadian Federation for Humane Societies found that in autumn, raccoons and other animals may be even more adventurous when looking for a new home. Homes located close to a restaurant may encounter raccoons less worried about a place to sleep and more interested in an easy meal. Consider what may be attracting a raccoon to your property before setting out with a solution.

Secure your rubbish
An unwanted pest may visit your home for a number of reasons, but an easy meal will likely be a welcome matt regardless. Not only does this include trash barrels that are easy to open, but pet food can also be intriguing to an opportunistic raccoon. These animals are very intelligent, and can employ rather sophisticated problem solving skills. For that reason, be sure to take the time to truly secure your waste.

Utilize lights and sound
Raccoons may be clever, but they can also be quite shy. A porch light may not be enough to deter these animals, but a motion activated floodlight could startle a raccoon and send it running. If you have consistent issues with raccoons and other animals in your yard, this could be a worthy investment.

Another tool for keeping raccoons away can be a simple radio. Human voices and noises will discourage any animals from getting too close. If you are having sustained issues with raccoons or other creatures, try playing the radio overnight near your trash barrels. Otherwise, it may be worth calling a pest control management professional.

Make your property less attractive
Beyond an easy meal, there are things that can make your yard desirable to raccoons and other creatures. Places to hide or even raise a family are very valuable to animals such as raccoons, and beyond an open attic or garage, the area under a porch, an old hollowed out log or even a pile of brush can be a problem for homeowners. Not only can raccoons utilize these areas, but prey animals such as small mammals and birds may also flourish on your property. A clean, well-maintained yard is a good way to keep raccoons away from your home.

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