How to keep cockroaches out of a beach house

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If you rent or own a beach house, you look forward to that period of time where you can get away from it all to relax. You picture warm winds, soft sands and cool water. Yet that picture is quickly destroyed when you notice a cockroach crawling on your wall. Cockroaches are a vile pest that use humans to survive and do best in warm, moist climates. They aren't afraid to come out and visit and breed quickly, so you could have an infestation in no time, San Diego County noted. Consider these tips to keep cockroaches out.

Why cockroaches like the beach

It's not uncommon to find cockroaches at a beach house. Cockroaches are fans of warm, humid environments, which makes beach houses an easy target. They commonly are spotted in kitchens and bathrooms in damp areas such as underneath a sink or near a drain. They may also hide underneath a refrigerator, where crumbs lie. They feed off of humans, and really appreciate when people leave out trash or dirty dishes. Once cockroaches have shown up, they can be very hard to get rid of, the American Orchid Society stated. They breed quickly and only come out at night when people aren't around, causing homeowners to be unaware of the problem. If you own a home but only visit it a few times a year, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise when you finally set your bags down.

Pest control tips

Keep it clean: One of the easiest ways you can bring cockroaches into your beach house is by leaving your home dirty. After every visit, make sure to do a thorough cleaning job. Vacuum floors and carpets for crumbs, mop tiled surfaces for spills and wipe down counters. You also want to throw out any trash you might have accumulated. Lingering scents and crumbs will quickly invite these pests in, especially if they're already a problem in the area.

Seal it up: Prevent cockroaches from getting in in the first place by closing up any holes or cracks you find. Cockroaches can flatten themselves to fit in surprisingly small holes, so don't skip a few by thinking they may not get in. Use silicone caulking material, door sweeps and new screens to keep this gross pest out. Each season, inspect your home to see if there are any new openings that need fixing.

Store properly: If you own a beach house, you may keep some food there that can be preserved. However, cockroaches can get into this if it's not stored the right way. If you keep flour, sugar and grain products in your home, place them in glass or metal containers that can be sealed.

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