How to keep cockroaches from crawling into your car

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Cockroaches are vile pests known for raiding kitchens. However, sometimes they'll also creep into cars. Unlike the kitchen, there's very little space to get away from a cockroach making its way toward you. Consider these pest management tips to prevent them in your car.

Why cockroaches like cars

Though it may seem like an uncommon spot for a cockroach, these pests appreciate cars too. Why? Because so many people are on the go, and often eat in their cars as a way to save time. Yet, the more you eat and drink in your car, the more likely you are to spill crumbs or leave stains. Who loves crumbs and water, regardless of the location? Cockroaches. Unlike your home, there are no ways of detecting the cleanliness of your driveway or parking space. Since some cockroaches can live nearly twelve months, the University of California-Davis noted, you could really develop a problem. Luckily, there are a few ways to keep these guys out of your car and prevent them from spooking you while driving.

Cockroach prevention

Consider these pest control tips to keep cockroaches out of your vehicle.

  • Eliminate sources of water or food
    Just like your kitchen, you need to keep your car clean of food and beverages, Alpha Kleen stated. If you're a person who's constantly strapped for time and regularly eats or drinks in the car, then you need to be efficient about it. Vacuum your car of crumbs, wipe down cup holders and other areas of any stickiness and, of course, always remove any leftover food or trash in the car. Even leaving behind an empty container could draw visitors in. As an added bonus, your car is clean for you to enjoy.

  • Be mindful of where you park
    Certain areas are more likely than others to house cockroaches. If you live in an apartment complex and have a parking lot, where you park is important. Always aim to park away from a large dumpster if you can help it. Dumpsters are wonderful places for cockroaches to hide out - they're filled with cardboard and food. Since there's no way of keeping cockroaches from crawling into your car, park your car away from spots that may be near a cockroach home.

  • Throw out any cardboard or glue
    Even if you don't eat in your car, cockroaches will snack on something else: cardboard. Try to avoid keeping cardboard boxes in your car, especially those that have been used to hold food, such as fruit. If you do have boxes in your car, make sure they're only there temporarily. The same goes for glue. Though it's also an unexpected snack for these bugs, cockroaches like glue and anything that glue is holding together. Keep it out of your car.

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