How to keep bats out of your attic

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Bats are an animal most commonly seen on a warm, summer evening when they are hunting for mosquitoes. However, sometimes these small, poor-sighted creatures come into places they shouldn't, such an an attic. Homeowners may not know they even have a bat issue until they see the pest taking a nap during the day. bats can also frighten people if they wake up and begin to fly around. Consider these tips to keep bats out of your attic.

Tips if you believe you have an infestation

If you suspect you have a bat problem, take a good look around your attic, Bats in the Attic suggested. Inspect any spots you may believe a bat could enter through. Remember - bats are incredibly small and sometimes can make their bodies flat to wiggle through things. They normally choose tight, hot spaces over open ones, Bats in the Attic noted. Though they may not seek out your attic, if they notice that their dinner just flew inside, they may attempt to sneak in. Once you've determine where the bat or bats are coming in from, you need to set a plan of action. Look to find out what time the bats are coming and going - most have a habit of coming in at dusk and leaving by dawn. You also want to figure out what type of bat you have, as there are a few. These crucial details are needed if you call a pest management company. A bat infestation is not something that should be handled on your own. Bats are unpredictable and are difficult to catch without the proper equipment.

How to keep bats out

Prevent your encounter with a bat by keeping them out in the first place.

  • Seal it: There are many different parts of the attic and house that a bat can wiggle through. They usually only need one-fourth of an inch to get through something, which means many places you wouldn't suspect are fair game for a bat. Some of these spots include window sills, the foundation, the chimney, outdoor water spigots, door frames and so on. Though some of these cracks can't be sealed, place a liner within them to prevent air and bats from coming through. Use steel wool and caulking to keep other cracks and crevices closed.

  • Give them a home: Bats are smart creatures and usually can find their way back to their home. However, if you give them an alternate spot in the same area, they may choose that instead. These are known simply as bat homes. These places can hold up to 100 bats, in case the bats near your home are social creatures.

  • High-frequency noise: Try and use a high-pitched noisemaker to keep bats away from your home. This noise is so high that you won't be able to hear it, but bats will.

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