How to deal with wasps in your apartment

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Most people don't mind the occasional wasp if they notice it outside. However, the story quickly changes if the wasp is discovered inside, especially in a small apartment. Wasps can be aggressive, fast and unpredictable, scaring even the calmest of tenants. Though it seems unlikely, wasps have a tendency to populate apartment complexes, leaving tenants befuddled. Consider these tips to prevent wasps in your home.

Why wasps infiltrate apartments

One of the most common times wasps are spotted in apartments is in the winter. This can throw off people, as they may expect wasps to be more prevalent in the spring and summer months when there's more foliage and flora. However, this is not the case for wasps, who have a fairly odd life cycle. If people witness wasps in their home during the winter, they are often paper wasps, University of Kentucky professor Michael Potter told The New York Times.

Paper wasps create their nests in the spring months. They get their name from their nests, which are made out of a fiber that looks like paper, Penn State University noted. Once the fall rolls around, the males in the colony die. Before they go, they impregnate the female queens. Once pregnant, the females need to find proper shelter. That shelter is often inside the walls of a building. They remain there until they feel warmth, and begin to come out. The wasps believe its summer, but it may just be the heating pipes that sit in many apartment walls. They can emerge through floor boards, light fixtures and cracks in the walls, petrifying renters.

Follow these pest management suggestions to help avoid a wasp attack in your apartment.

Take action

Don't wait to handle a wasp infestation. You may discover that when the wasps come out of hiding, they aren't very threatening. They may be sluggish and lackadaisical from their winter hibernation. Yet that doesn't mean they aren't a threat. If you choose not to act, more wasps will begin to emerge with time. They also will become more active and aggressive if threatened. Contact your landlord and suggest hiring a pest control company.

Grab the vacuum

While the wasps are slow, use a vacuum to suck them up or try to sweep them out of your door or windows with a broom. Most times, they'll slowly gravitate toward a window, so this could be an easy task.

Survey the apartment in the fall

Wasps will usually set up house in the fall, as the males die off. They can wiggle through the smallest of openings, including a slight crack in a window, a hole in a screen or even the cracks at the edge of floorboards. Sealing these openings properly in the early fall will prevent the wasps from creeping up.

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