How destructive can rats really be?

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Have you ever been standing on a train platform when you suddenly notice a big rat scurry under the tracks? You might be relieved that it isn't coming anywhere near you - but the truth is, those rats are doing some hazardous damage down there. The Tribune recently reported that these rodents who have been burrowing and setting up camp underneath railway tracks are starting to cause structural insecurities. Because the underground is the perfect environment for rats - it's dark, relatively quiet and often has garbage for them to feast on - it's starting to house more and more rodents. With thousands of people using this form of public transportation, transit authorities cannot afford weak rails, as they could cause a serious accident.

Rats are also a danger in your home.
Rats are doing similar destruction to your home if you let them move in. Have you ever heard anyone say you're better off if you have mice because that means you don't have rats? Rats are typically at the top of everyone's least wanted pest infestation list. This is because they are intrusive, disease ridden animals that have zero regard for your personal wellbeing. According to, if you have a rat in your home, you are looking at structural damage throughout your home, and you could even suffer from health issues should they come into contact with and contaminate your food.

The source explained that if you have a rat, you will notice their brown droppings, grease stains and chewed-through objects such as wires, attic insulation or even plumbing. Some pest experts have even seen rats go for wooden support beams. Of course, all of these could lead to significant damage to your home. A rat's excrement or tampering with water supply lines could directly affect your health. Just breathing in the dander of these pests could expose you to unhealthy bacteria. However, chewed wires, pipes and beams could result in expensive property damage. An electrical fire, flood or collapse could occur should these insecurities go unnoticed.

How to drive rats out of your home.
Danger aside, you just don't want to reside with rats to begin with - you need some serious pest control management to get rid of this rodent. The Humane Society International explained that you first want to make sure rodents can't get in to your home. Ensure there aren't any easy access points such as cracks in your foundation, broken basement windows or ripped screens, or even through pipes and vents. Seal these off if they exist, and be sure to keep your doors closed in general. Next, don't give them a reason to come in. Avoid leaving food lying around both inside and out. When you throw your trash away, make sure it is in a tightly sealed bag and your garbage bin has a tight lid that you always leave covered.

If you already have this pest living in your home, you can try to set out the traditional baited traps and hope they're powerful enough to snap your problem away. Unfortunately however, these pests can be relatively smart, so it's not uncommon to have trouble effectively removing them from your home - especially since they often reproduce quickly, and in large quantities making it hard to completely end the situation on your own. If this is the case, give a local pest control service a call. Not only will they help get rid of the infestation, they will be able to give you pointers to keep any rats from coming back in the future.

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