4 steps to prevent fruit flies from infesting your home

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Ensuring home pest control can be difficult, especially when it comes to fruit flies. These tiny bugs aren't just irritating - they also carry bacteria and diseases.

Chances are, you've dealt with a fruit fly infestation before. This can happen indoors and outdoors, but having one inside the house can be problematic. It's easy to kill a few as you see them, but the issue can persist if you don't get to the source. The simplest way to deal with a fruit fly infestation is preventing it from developing in the first place. Doing so may require some readjustments in your daily routines, but making them can help optimize your pest management.


  1. Wash your fruits: You never know where there may have been fruit flies. Any produce that you purchase should be washed in case there are any bugs on them. This will ensure that you don't unknowingly bring in these unwelcome guests.
  2. Put away the fruit: A colorful basket of fruit looks great, not only to you and your guests, but also to fruit flies. These winged pests are attracted to organic sugary foods. Not only will they hover over these items, but they'll also lay their eggs inside the food. Therefore, keeping the fruits sealed inside an airtight bag or in the produce shelf of the refrigerator will help deter fruit flies from nesting in your kitchen. If you prefer to have a fruit basket in the kitchen, you can cover it with a cake dome and still boast the same look without having to worry about the flies.


  1. Throw away the trash regularly: Fruit flies are also attracted to rotten fruit, which can probably be found in the trash can. Depending on how often your trash is taken out, this can become a problematic area. Consider placing organic waste in a large airtight bag before throwing it away, especially if the trash is only taken out every few days. Alternatively, you can get rid of the waste if you have a garbage disposal. However, be aware that the disposal only breaks up the material. Fruit flies have been known to infest sinks as well. Clean the disposal regularly to ensure that the pests won't nest in it.
  2. Clean counters nightly: The kitchen is one of the busiest areas in the home, and the counters are essentially the catch-all for various spills and crumbs. Cleaning the counter every night will ensure that fruit flies don't have any food to be attracted to.

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