Tips to prevent storage product pests in your home

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Storage product pests are an invisible nuisance. You may not know you even have them for months until you open up a bag of flour and one comes crawling out. Often, the bugs are in the stored product long before it ends up in your cabinet. Follow these tips to keep pests out of your home.

Identify the pest

There are two types of storage product pests, the University of Georgia noted. There are pantry pests and there are fabric pests. As the name suggests, pantry pests are often found in cabinets and other kitchen storage areas. Conversely, fabric pests are found in closets or fabric containers. These pests will mostly feed on fabrics such as leather, cotton or even fur. However, these pests may not always be in the most obvious of places. Sometimes, pantry pests are found in animal carcasses of mice or other small creatures. Fabric bugs could be discovered in any place in the home.

There are a few ways to recognize these bugs to reduce their chances of getting into your home. Usually, storage pests are either beetles or moths. Moths can feed on pantry foods or fabrics. However, usually size, color and behavior can distinguish which type of moth it is. One of the most common is the Indian meal moth, which has a two-tone pattern and will feed on any type of food. Some of their favorite snacks include dried fruits, various grain products and even dog food! Unlike moths, beetles have a preference for pantry foods. There are many species of beetles found in pantries. Beetles will feed on grains, dried meats or even dead mammals.

There are a few simple ways to control these bugs in your home, Texas A&M University stated. Consider these pest management tips.

Find the pest

Sometimes locating these bugs is easy, while other times it isn't. Homeowners should look in small cracks and dark areas where food may have fallen. Look within sealed food containers. Though it seems safe sealed, sometimes pests can wiggle through even the smallest openings. Under appliances and pet bowls is another good spot for moths and beetles to hide. If you do locate these bugs, vacuum well. These bugs may appear because of the presence of a bigger pest, such as a rodent. Vermin will gather and hoard food, which pests will then feed off of, too. If you believe you have a larger pest problem, contact a pest control company.

Prevent the pest

Prevent pests by using air-tight containers. That way, no pest can sneak into your food or fabric, whether it's big or small.

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