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Prevent cockroaches from rummaging through your cabinets

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Cockroaches are gross and vile pests. They love humans, especially the food they have. They'll gladly raid any apartment or metropolitan home to get what they want. Consider these tips to protect yourself from cockroaches.

What are cockroaches?

Cockroaches are small pests that are basically flat with the ground. They can be found all throughout North America and are particularly fond of metropolitan living. Just like humans, cockroaches love food, water and shelter. However, they have a different idea of what food is. Cockroaches can live off just about anything, including paper, cloth, plants and book-binding glue. Cockroaches will try to hide in dark, small spaces where they can't be found by homeowners. They're also fans of damp areas. They'll creep out and hunt for food when they think no one's around. However, they also get lucky and find crumbs in their hiding places. Under toasters, refrigerators and furniture, cockroaches will happily feed off whatever you've left for them.

Pest Management tips.

Consider these tips to prevent cockroaches in your home.

  • Vacuum and sweep often: Not doing this is one of the easiest ways to get cockroaches in your house, the Erie Sprout noted. Cockroaches don't need a lot of crumbs to survive - just a little will do. Always vacuum and sweep up any crumbs you notice on the floor or on counters.

  • Take garbage out: Though this seems like a no-brainer, sometimes garbage can pile up. Always remove it from your home to the outdoors. Cockroaches love snacking on any leftover remnants.

  • Wipe down counters and unseen surfaces: Always wipe down counters and other areas where things may have spilled. Cockroaches love feeding on anything sweet or sticky. Prevent them from feeding in your house by wiping spills up as soon as they happen.

  • Pour out standing water: Oddly enough, cockroaches like water more than food. That means they love any standing water sitting around your home. Always fix leaky faucets and don't leave bowls or dishes filled with water in the sink for too long.

  • Seal up food properly: Never let food sit out unsealed or let food spill onto counters or in cabinets. Cockroaches will be happy you've decided to share. Prevent this by putting food in sealed plastic containers.

If you do have a cockroach problem, don't attempt to handle it yourself. Call the pest control professionals to fumigate your home properly and eliminate any pesky cockroaches you've got.

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