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Limit access to mice into homes and businesses

Abell Pest Control

It doesn't matter whether the structure is a warehouse, a restaurant or a home - mice love to come inside where they can nest and likely pick up a free meal.

The best defense is to limit access to indoor quarters wherever mice may be by shoring up the exterior features of a building. Mice are very resilient when it comes to finding a way into a dwelling or business. You may think they won't climb all the way to a roof, but these fearless creatures aren't dissuaded by a long walk to a chimney if there's an opening that will lead indoors.

There's a message for building managers and homeowners - cap chimneys when they aren't in use during colder weather. And that's just one step that property owners can take to prevent a mouse from entering and beginning an influx of the pests that home remedies won't be able to stop.

On those occasions, only the experts like those at Abell Pest Control offer the kind of professional pest control that will stop an infestation in its tracks. A thorough inspection followed by a treatment plan executed until mouse removal is assured will be followed by expert advice to property owners so that a recurrence won't take place.

Seal openings

Summer is a good time to inspect the landscaping on your property. Keeping an eye on the growth of trees and shrubbery not only promises to keep them healthy, but will prevent landscape features from aiding mice, rats and other pests in their attempts to get inside an eatery, commercial building or house.

The same can be said of roofs, foundations, vents and walls where cables and wires come into a building. Mice in particular are known for squeezing themselves through the smallest cracks. Addressing any leaks or cracks in these structural elements is easier to do during warm weather when snow and ice don't obscure the view.

Weather stripping and other barriers wear down over time, or rodents can gnaw through them. Maintaining proper seals, such as door sweeps on exterior doors, is a hedge against pests getting into your building. Repair screens on doors and windows.

If you have a perimeter wall, check it for cracks as well and clear away debris such as leaves, weeds or stored wood where mice can comfortably nest. By sealing wall cracks, you'll also prevent nests from being built there and limit the opportunity for a family of mice to settle in the structure.

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