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Pests may invade your home in search of warmth or a free meal, but your yard might also be a perfect environment for animals of all types. As such, not only can your property become a victim of pest damage, but unwanted animals may be poised to invade your home if given the opportunity.

Your best bet is to work with a pest removal specialist to keep destructive creatures away from your property entirely. Look for these tell-tale signs around your yard to identify a possible problem and to mitigate the issue as quickly as possible:

A patchy lawn
A well-kempt, lush yard is the pride of suburbia, but unfortunately your slice of greenery faces a slew of different threats. That means that even if you're proactive about watering your grass and providing it with the right nutrients you could still end up with barren ground and an uneven yard.

The Do It Yourself Network explained that from above, animals like grasshoppers or rabbits feed on your lawn and can cause serious damage. At the same time, animals that burrow underground may upend your grass' roots and cause the plants to die. If your lawn is looking unhealthy despite providing it with good care, a pest invasion could be to blame.

Holes and burrows
For animals to get under your lawn and cause damage, there needs to be an entry point or burrow. Many different animals live underground to escape the elements, hide from predators or look for food. Unfortunately, animals that spend time below ground can not only threaten your yard but can also cause considerable harm to wires, pipes or even your home's foundation.

Larger creatures like groundhogs may have rather significant burrows that are easy to spot, and animals like chipmunks or moles often have smaller underground entries that can go unnoticed. Stroll through your yard and look for possible signs of any tunneling creatures. Because there is usually a whole network of underground passageways, simply covering a hole won't be enough. Instead you'll need to employ a much more comprehensive solution.

Sick trees or bushes
The gardening site SodGod reported that there are dozens of common insects that can infest the plant life around your property, causing trees, bushes and other greenery to become sick or even die.

Bugs like caterpillars, snails, aphids and others are voracious herbivores that can feast on leaves and twigs and make it difficult for a plant to get adequate sunlight. Beetles, weevils and other species, meanwhile, burrow directly into the trunk of a tree and in some instances cause irreversible damage.

As in the case of your lawn, if you believe you've done what you can to keep the plants around your property healthy and they're still getting sick or dying, you may be dealing with a pest problem.

The need to stay vigilant
Sometimes the signs that unwanted animals are thriving on your property are more obvious. Overturned trash bins are usually the handy work of raccoons, opossums or other opportunistic animals, and could mean that these creatures have identified your property as an easy place to score a meal. Keep things clean and secure to encourage any hungry pests to move on to the next house.

Meanwhile, SodGod found that animals like ticks, fleas, wasps and other dangerous bugs don't always cause visible damage. For that reason, you're only sign of a pest infestation is physically seeing these small animals.

To really keep your yard safe from harm, regularly stroll your property and make note of any troubling signs. From there, contact a pest removal specialist for the best solution to your problem.

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