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Here are the pests to watch for when moving from an apartment to a house

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For many first-time homebuyers, they are transitioning from living in an apartment building or a rental property. As a result, responsibilities that fell to a landlord now are under their purview. That can leave buyers scrambling and unsure of how to handle pest control. Here is a breakdown of new responsibilities homeowners have when transitioning out of an apartment:

Termite inspections

Before you move into a new apartment, your landlord will likely be on the lookout for termites. But once you move into your own place, you'll need to be on guard against these pests. According to ABC Action News, the mild winter means that they will likely be out in greater numbers in spring and summer.

"All they need is about the space at the tip of a pen [to get in.] We're talking about an eight [sic] of an inch in diameter," said entomologist Tom Wisdo to ABC.

Once they're in, they can chew through the frame of your home - and they can be nearly impossible to get rid of without professional help.

Bed bug infestations

If bed bugs get into an apartment, the landlord covers the cost to bring in a pest management company. As a homeowner, you may have to be more vigilant when looking for signs of a bed bug infestation. If you notice brown and red spots on your sheets or you wake up with small red bumps on your arms and legs, you may have bed bugs. You can minimize the risk of bed bugs by doing laundry at home and getting rid of extra clutter around the house.


The mild, wet winter can increase the likelihood of cockroaches. First-time homebuyers need to take extra precautions with the storage space they now have in their basement or attic. Cockroaches can make their home in unsecured boxes of damp newspaper or cardboard - and can be a nasty surprise when you go to unpack the summer lawn chairs! To keep them away, stow your extra items in hard plastic containers that can securely shut.

These are only three of the pests you'll need to keep an eye out for as a first-time homebuyer. Follow these tips and you'll feel confident in your new home.

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