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How to stop pigeons from landing on hotel balconies

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Hotel owners may become irritated by constantly dealing with an unwanted guest - the pigeon. Pigeons love landing on balconies in search of any nearby food. They often disturb hotel guests who are trying to peacefully enjoy a breakfast with a view. They also carry plenty of diseases, such as salmonella, which can make hotel visitors incredibly sick. Consider these tips to keep pigeons from disturbing your guests.

Why you should get rid of pigeons

As mentioned, pigeons carry a lot of diseases, Gardening Know How stated. Also, they travel in packs. So where there's one pigeon, there's most likely another on its way. Though many people believe that pigeons don't fly, they'll swoop onto any porch or balcony if humans are nearby. They flock to metropolitan areas, and usually can be found on any street corner of a major city. Pigeons also happily leave their droppings on your furniture once they're done investigating it. They don't care where they poop, whether it's on your head or on a balcony table or chair. Unlike in the past when they carried messages, now they carry something else: ticks and fleas. These two pests will bite humans and animals and feed on blood as a source of food.

Pigeon prevention

Consider these pest control tips to keep pigeons away from your property.

  • Make a point:
    Commercial hotel owners can install pigeon spikes on their balconies, Wildlife Animal Control noted. Though it isn't the most attractive look for a balcony, it'll prevent pigeons from landing and soon they'll learn to stay away from these areas. The spikes are actually approved by the humane society, which means you'll never hear about a guest witnessing a pigeon on a spike. However, these will deter pigeons from your property. Place the stakes on flat surfaces, such as the railings or awnings.
  • Repel them:
    In order to land on a balcony railing safely, pigeons need good grip. Remove this grip by putting a surface repellent on the railing. Most surface repellents are sticky. Once one pigeon lands and feels like he's getting stuck to the railing, he'll fly away and inform the rest of the flock to avoid that area. Soon, they'll spread the word about your entire property.
  • Scare them:
    Unlike humans, who use them to celebrate, pigeons are quite frightened by balloons. Luckily, there's a balloon designed specifically for pigeons. These balloons are reflective, with bright colors and menacing eyes that'll scare the feathers off of any pigeons. Scare balloons resemble beach balloons but are weather-resistant and incredibly easy to install. Your guests won't mind them, but pigeons certainly will.

If you try these prevention tactics and they don't work, contact pest services professionals to handle the problem.

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