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How to prevent wasps from building nests on your property

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Wasps are one of spring and summer's meanest pests. Some species, such as yellow jackets, will gladly strike if they feel threatened and they may sting people more than once. They also can give people skin rashes and disturb curious pests. As a result, most homeowners don't want these aggressive wasps buzzing near their home. Consider these tips to prevent wasps from building nests on your property.

Common places wasps build their nests

If you're trying to keep wasps off your property, you need to know where to look, the University of Minnesota stated. Wasps have a few spots they prefer to build nests over others. These include under decks, in bushes and even sometimes in trees. These nests are woven and elaborate, and usually are hard to miss. If untouched, these nests can be up to the size of a basketball. If homeowners suspect they have a nest on their house or in their yard, or if they are unsure, it's important to proceed with caution. Usually a few wasps will monitor the nest to make sure there are no approaching threats. If they feel an attack could happen, they'll viciously attack people or animals, stinging multiple times and possibly putting people in the hospital.

Pest control tips

  • Close off cracks and crevices: Wasps have a tendency to build their nests in small, closed-off areas, Earth Easy advised. If you have cracks in your deck, stairs or attic, close them off. Try to do this in the spring, before several wasps have come into the area from out of hiding. No crack is too small - wasps are not that big and it only takes a few of them to build a nest.

  • Be mindful of food: Wasps usually come buzzing around when there's food sources left out for long periods of time. Homeowners should try to keep food contained or only left out for a small period of time. Don't keep trash open or allow sweet, sticky substances like juice to spill and sit out. Though it might not seem like a big deal, leaving food out for even a small period of time can cause wasps to come flying. Once enough wasps are around, they might set up camp.

  • Don't swat or kill: If you kill a wasp, you're not helping yourself. Stomping or squishing a wasp actually releases a pheromone that causes other wasps in the area to come buzzing. So, if you notice a wasp buzzing around your or your loved ones, ask them to stay still or walk away

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