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How to prevent silverfish in a bookstore

Abell Pest Control

Silverfish are notorious for their love of paper and cardboard, the University of California-Davis stated. They even love the glue that holds paper together. That's why books are so desirable to them. What's not to love? A book has plenty of glue and paper. However, if you operate a bookstore, you don't want these explorative creatures nesting in one of your books. You'll quickly lose customers if they purchase books with more than just words inside. Consider these pest control tips to keep silverfish out of your store.

Keep it dry

One of the main pulls for silverfish is moisture. They love a place that's nice and damp. If paper or cardboard is involved, that's even better. If you have a bookstore that's in a lower level of a building, such as the basement, then keeping the store dry is crucial, Apartment Therapy stated. Be mindful that just because the storefront is dry doesn't mean the storage area is. Silverfish may be able to creep into books before they're even placed on shelves, wiggling through cracks in cardboard boxes. Simply placing a dehumidifier or two in your store can help take out any moisture that gathers. A dry store is a silverfish-free store.

Check the perimeter

One of the easiest ways to prevent silverfish in your store is by stopping them from coming into the store in the first place. Walk around the perimeter of the building to look for any cracks or crevices that silverfish could sneak through. Though these pests are also brought in on cardboard, small cracks or holes are other entry points. If you do notice openings, close them up with steel wool or plaster.

Clear the outside

Look outside and see where your garbage is placed. Pull away any cardboard boxes, signs or other paper items to the curb. Having these items directly next to your store is an easy way to welcome silverfish.

Vacuum frequently

Food crumbs can attract silverfish and other types of pests. If you let your employees take their lunch break in the store or allow customers to eat, then you should vacuum frequently to take away any crumbs and get rid of potential eggs lying within the rugs or on the floor.

If you have a major silverfish problem, you need to take care of it immediately. Call pest management professionals to correctly eradicate the silverfish from your store and keep them away for good.

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