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How to prevent raccoons from raiding your garden

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Raccoons are clever and agile pests. Like humans, they love food, and don't mind stealing yours. They're fond of food from anywhere, be it a backyard barbecue or leftovers from the garbage. They're also fond of homeowners' gardens, because who doesn't love fresh fruits and vegetables? Consider these pest management tips to keep raccoons out of your garden.

Why raccoons love gardens and how to identify a raccoon problem

As mentioned, raccoons have a few things in common with humans. They love fruits and vegetables, and like humans, they like to eat them right before they're ready to be picked, the Humane Society of the United States noted. Though raccoons will eat any type of fruit or vegetable, their favorites are grapes and corn. Though raccoons are fond of areas with a source of water and trees, they're becoming open to the idea of gardens.

There are a few obvious signs you have a nocturnal visitor in your garden. Look for various holes in your lawn or mulch pile, since raccoons often go on the hunt for different insects. They'll also infiltrate bird feeders hoping to access seed. If you do harvest corn, you'll become frustrated quickly when you witness half-eaten stalks or kernels everywhere.

Raccoon prevention

Consider these pest control tips to keep the ring-eyed pests out of your garden.

  • Take action immediately:
    If you notice suspicious activity around your garden, don't wait. Once raccoons get a taste of a juicy fruit or vegetable, they'll most likely come back. Waiting can possibly cost you the garden that you invested so much time and money creating.

  • Hire a furry friend:
    Raccoons and dogs don't get along very well, the Farmer's Almanac stated. Have your dog do the night shift to keep all the animals away from your garden. The sound of his bark will most likely scare away any creatures of the night.

  • Use music:
    Raccoons like the night for its peaceful quiet. Destroy that by placing a battery-operated radio in the garden. Turn to a station that has an all-night talk show, or a station that doesn't stop playing music. Keeping this noisy radio on for a few nights will deter any visitors.

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