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How to prevent pillbugs in your rented basement

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Many people may view pillbugs as a harmless pest, as they're small and slow-moving. However, in large quantities, they might become an issue. Consider these tips to prevent these little bugs from crawling through your temporary basement.

Why pillbugs like basements

Pillbugs are fond of any moist area, and are most commonly found outside. However, they may begin to gravitate toward a house if certain objects lure them in. Pillbugs love gardens and feed on excess dead organic matter, such as fallen leaves from a plant. But they aren't picky. They'll also munch on bark, fungus, mold and types of algae, the University of Michigan found. If your rental home is in an area prone to heavy rainfall or is consistently humid, you may have these pillbug snacks around your home. Once the pests are in your yard, it's not a far journey to your basement, which naturally holds a lot of moisture. If you notice more than a few of these bugs running around in your basement, you may have an infestation.

Pest control tips

Here's what to do to keep pillbugs out of your basement.

  • Close up all holes, cracks and crevices: One easy way to keep these little bugs out of your basement is to stop them from entering in the first place. When you move into your new rental home, do a quick perimeter lap of the basement. Look for any cracks, holes or other openings that a pillbug might travel through. If you notice a significant amount of them, you may be able to charge your landlord for the repairs.

  • Clean up your yard: Keep the pillbugs from creeping into your yard by removing the items they're attracted to. In your rental home, you might have a few woodpiles or a garden. If this is the case, changes need to be made, Do It Yourself Pest Control stated. Pull the woodpiles away to the very edge of the yard, as far away from the house as possible. If the yard comes with a garden or flower beds, remove any excess mulch or stones. Pick up any dead leaves that fell off flowers and plants. Dump out any standing water, which can encourage pillbugs but also can attract mosquitoes.

  • Contact your neighbors: Sometimes pest infestations span a few properties. If you notice this problem, it may be common among your neighbors too. If you feel that you have a major pest problem when you move into the rental property, you may have a good case against your landlord if your neighbors support you.

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