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How to prevent pests at a summer camp

Abell Pest Control

Summer is coming up and you're eager to drop your children off at their summer camps. However, you find out from a friend that one of the camps had a bed bug infestation early in the season, and now you're worried that your children may be bringing home bed bugs in a few weeks. Consider these tips to prevent that shock from becoming a reality.

Why bedbugs invade summer camps

Bed bugs love places with plenty of people, and summer camps are no exception. Kids come and go through the cabin, with many only staying for a period of two weeks. With that in mind, it can be hard for parents to trace a bed bug problem in their home back to a summer camp, Pest World noted. Children are also less observant, and may not have immediately blamed itching on bed bugs. Instead, they may have blamed mosquitoes or an allergic reaction to their bedding. However, if a cabin is infested with bed bugs, that can quickly become trouble. This pest can get into everything, including pillowcases, backpacks and duffel bags. Children may have come to the camp clean, but they might not leave that way.

Pest control tips

Undergo a thorough inspection: When your children get home from camp, it's important you go through all of your child's belongings to see if you find any unwanted guests, Hub Pages advised. Be sure to use a flashlight or magnifying glass, as this pest can be overlooked. Of course, if you do find any bed bugs in your child's items right after he or she has returned home from summer camp, it's important that you notify the camp right away. They may not be aware that this cabin or several cabins has an infestation.

Wash and dry: If you notice bugs crawling around, wash all your belongings right away. Place them in hot water followed by a hot dryer cycle. If you can't put something in the washer or dryer, such as a bag, keep it sealed in a plastic container or a plastic baggie. It's important to suffocate the bugs and deprive them of flesh. Of course, you also want to prevent them from spreading within your own home. You can also kill bed bugs by putting items in the freezer. Make sure you wait at least three weeks before you use the item again.

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