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How to prevent earwigs from eating the plants at your rental home

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Earwigs are known vegetarians. They've got a voracious appetite when they spot any garden, flower bed or even flower box! One day you have flowers, fruits and vegetables, the next day they've gone missing. If the earwigs are bold and you live in a moist environment, they may try to shift into your house. Consider these tips to keep earwigs away from your rental home's greenery and out of the house.

Why earwigs like greens

Earwigs like to feed on a variety of dead and living organisms, the University of California-Davis noted. They have some benefits to gardens, as they feed on other garden pests such as mites, aphids and insect eggs. However, they also have their cons. These pests will feed on any type of plant that shoots out of the ground, be it a vegetable, a fruit or even a flower. The only types of plants they don't like are ornamental ones, which include geraniums and lavender. Luckily, earwigs aren't around all the time. They're fond of the summer months, including June, July and August. Why do they like this time best? Because there's moisture and plenty of rain, which earwigs thrive off of. However, it also means that they may shoot for your house if the garden is looking a little measly, or if they've already devoured it.

If you live in an area prone to moisture or your rental home has a garden or even a few flower boxes, consider these tips to prevent earwigs.

Grease them

If you want to prevent earwigs from crawling up the shoots of your plants, rub a generous amount of Vaseline on them, the San Francisco Chronicle suggested. The earwigs will either get stuck or be unable to crawl up the shoot and give up.

Lure them in

Earwigs are simple creatures, and only lust for two things - greens and water. Attract them by laying out a few fruit rinds at dusk. Aim for cantaloupe, grapefruit, orange or watermelon. The next morning, place the earwigs in a bucket of soapy water and drown them. You can also attract them by rolling up an old newspaper and dipping one end in water. Place the newspaper in the shade in the morning. By afternoon, they'll seek shelter and go there.

Remove their comfort zones

Earwigs have a few places they like to hide, including damp mulch, newspaper, chopped wood and so on. Most people will keep these items up against their house, not knowing they're inviting pests into their home. Keep earwigs at bay by placing all of these items at a good distance from the house.

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