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How to prevent bed bugs from moving with you

Abell Pest Control

Bed bugs love to travel. So, when it's time for you to move, they're happy to come with you. Some things are better left behind - consider these tips on how to prevent bed bugs from hopping in your suitcase.

Why bed bugs come along

Bed bugs are sneaky travelers. Most homeowners won't know they have a traveling pest problem until they settle down in their new house. Sometimes, homeowners move while unaware of a pest problem, and other times they move before the infestation is resolved. If you're moving and know you have a pest problem that hasn't been taken care of yet, there are a few suggestions to keep bed bugs from joining you in your new abode. Be sure to call bed bug exterminators before you move so the next homeowners don't have to deal with the same problem. If you live in an apartment complex, contact your landlord so that the new tenants don't have issues as well, the New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene suggested.

While packing

Contemplate these sanitation tips before packing anything.

  • Sort clean from dirty. Place all of your items in clear plastic bags that can be sealed tightly. Separate items you know are clean from ones that may be crawling with bed bugs, according to Use sorting methods by placing items in categories, such as towels, sheets, blankets and so on.

  • Wash well. Place the items you suspect are infested in the warmest water possible and wash and dry them. Then place those items in clear, tightly sealed bags labeled "Clean."

  • Separate objects that can't be treated. Certain items can't be treated or eliminated of bugs as easily as others. Ask a pest professional how to handle items like appliances and books.

  • Bedding. Place bed bug covers around all mattresses as well as box springs. If you feel that mattresses or box springs are too infested, or you want to purchase new ones, place the mattress or box spring in a large clear bag and label it with "Bed bugs" so that people don't bring the furniture into their homes.

Before moving

There are a few procedures to follow on moving day.

  • Have every family member shower and put on sanitized clothing. Discard possibly infested clothing.

  • Wash the dog or cat to free him of any bed bugs.

  • Disinfect all furniture. Wooden furniture can easily be cleaned once empty. If you have an object that may be infested, such as a couch, have the furniture treated properly before bringing it into your home.

In the new home

  • Inspect all items to ensure that they're clean before unpacking.

  • If you purchase any used furniture, check it out before bringing it into the house.

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