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How to keep squirrels out of your attic

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Squirrels are a nuisance of a pest. Though they may not be the most common pest to wiggle into your house, they do on occasion. These animals are similar to rodents and usually use conniving tactics to get into homes. Consider these tips to keep squirrels out of your attic.

How squirrels end up in attics

Squirrels are notorious acrobats. They can hop, leap and even flip their way from limb to limb or object to object to get where they need to be. Though these skills can mainly be seen when attempting to reach a bird feeder or wiggle into a garden, they also will attempt to make their way into attics. One of the easiest ways squirrels may come into an attic is through a person's roof, through a loose shingle or a hole in the scaffolding. Though these holes may seem small or go unnoticed, squirrels can quickly detect them and gnaw to get in. In recent years, homeowners have been experiencing more of a problem with squirrels because of the population boom, the Mother Nature Network noted. Once squirrels are inside an attic, may try to build nests using insulation from your walls, or chew through wires and pipes in your attic. In no time, your attic can be destroyed and you may have a small village of squirrels.

Pest control tips

Use these tips to keep squirrels out of your home.

  • Keep your trees well landscaped
    One way to keep squirrels from jumping into your attic is to cut off any ways of access, Squirrel-Attic noted. Squirrels may try to wiggle into your attic by quickly jumping from tree to tree. These pests can reach long distances at quick speeds, making them hard to spot or catch. If you keep your trees trimmed, squirrels will have a harder time finding a way to reach your roof.

  • Seal all cracks
    Constantly inspect your home for any small holes or loose shingles that a squirrel may be able to work with. One of the best times to conduct this inspection is in the summer. Squirrels can't stand too much heat, so they usually tend to hang outside during these months. Close up any holes you see with caulking or steel wool for the best results.

  • Test the squirrels
    If you've heard squirrels and suspect they are inside your house, test it out with a little newspaper. Look around your attic for a possible opening a squirrel may use. Roll up a piece of newspaper and stuff the hole with it. Wait a few days and see if the newspaper has moved at all. If it has, you have a squirrel problem. However, if it has not, you may just have a squirrel who is outside. Regardless, play it safe and seal the hole.

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