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How to keep raccoons out of your rental home

Abell Pest Control

Raccoons are sneaky. They love to creep through the night in search of food and garbage. However, these animals know no bounds. They'll move right into your backyard if they think you've got a good collection of garbage. Renters may be shocked to discover a pack of raccoons feeding on last night's dinner. Consider these tips to keep raccoons out of your home.

Why they're a problem

Unlike some other pests out there, raccoons can be dangerous, Professional Wildlife Removal noted. They won't hesitate to attack a human if they feel threatened, and they have sharp claws that can cause severe injuries. They can weigh up to 30 pounds, which poses a danger to any pets you have. This pest also carries parasites and can potentially damage the property you're renting, which could leave you liable.

How to prevent them

If raccoons are on your rental property, there are a few ways to fend them off.

Use light

Raccoons are nocturnal animals and love the cloak of darkness, the San Francisco Chronicle stated. They don't like light. Using motion-activated lights can startle the four-legged creature and potentially cause it to leave the property for good.

Make noise

Raccoons hate for their scavenging to be disturbed. Though light can scare them a little, noise is also a good solution. Place a radio next to the garbage cans or trash area they usually peruse. After a few nights, they won't be able to stand the noise and will flee town.

Keep food contained

Raccoons will eat just about anything to nourish themselves, whether it's a leafy green or a type of fish. They'll even go for pet food. Make sure all your food is well-contained or inside and your trash is fully secured with a heavy lid that can't be knocked over.

How to deal with them

If you find that your valiant efforts have little to no effect on the raccoon, then it may be time to try a new angle. Call up pest management professionals to handle your problem for you. They're certified and trained to use the right methods to eradicate your furry neighbors and keep them out of your yard for good. Don't try to handle the raccoon problem yourself or attempt to take them on using household items, such as a broom. You'll be ill-prepared and may end up paying your landlord for the damages you caused to the property.

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