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How to keep pests out of your daycare facility

Abell Pest Control

If you own a daycare facility, you want to keep children and their parents happy. However, that job gets a little harder when pests come crawling through. While it seems like an unlikely spot, various pests make themselves welcome at daycare facilities. Pests such as rodents, cockroaches and bed bugs love to check out these types of facilities, as they often go unnoticed. As parents and children come and go, it can be difficult to track down a pest problem, and may cause people to just think they're paranoid. Consider these tips to prevent problems from arising and developing a bad reputation.

Why its important to stay pest-free

Like many other types of facilities, daycare centers are legally bound to be free of pests and prevent any factors that might cause pests. Why? Many pests carry infections and diseases. For example, cockroaches can bring along bacteria such as E.coli with them. Young children have a weaker immune system than adults do. That means if they interact with harmful bacteria, they could get incredibly sick and possibly even die. So, if a child picks up this bacteria from your facility, you may be shut down forever or possibly sued. That's why it's so important to keep pests out of your home. Many facilities need to display a prevention approach that is proven to work against pests.

Pest control tips

Keep an eye out: Daycare managers and owners should always be on a constant investigation for pests. They should also be aware of any items or substances that may attract pests, such as crumbs on the ground or juice spill on the counter. They could regularly check areas that are prone to pests such as behind garbage cans and refrigerators, underneath tables and chairs and within small crevices.

Prevent them: Stop pests from coming in the first place. This may be hard to fathom, as so many parents and children come in and out. However, there are a few easy preventative measures you can take to lower your risk of pest invasion. Always keep doors and windows closed, unless the window has a sealed screen. Survey the inside and outside of the buildings for any small holes or cracks, and caulk them. You can also use cement or steel wool.

Promote cleanliness: Daycare centers have a tendency to get dirty, given the number of children running through them. That's why it's so crucial to keep it clean. Pick up any trash on the floors, counters or tables. Sweep and vacuum regularly to prevent crumbs and dirt from accumulating.

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