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How to keep pests off fruit trees

Abell Pest Control

Fruit trees are a wonderful thing to have in your backyard. Why travel far to grab a few peaches or apples for a snack or to add to a baked good recipe when you can pick them from your own backyard? However, you're not the only one who enjoys nibbling on some fruit - pests do too. Consider these tips to keep pests off fruit trees.

Know the difference

Some pests are good for your fruit trees, and some aren't. It's important you know the difference between the pests that are beneficial and those that aren't, so you don't kill the good ones off too, Fantastic Farms noted. Certain insects such as ladybugs, lacewings, praying mantises, wasps and specific types of beetles all can actually help your trees grow and prosper. However, other insects, such as caterpillars, worms, moths, aphids and the like can all hurt your trees or eat them, which in turn could attract other pests.

Cover your trees

While your fruit is beginning to bloom and come into season, it's important you cover your trees to protect them from small insects and pests, the San Francisco Chronicle stated. These covers, which usually are made of a lightweight material that is similar to burlap, can help the trees breathe and keep them safe without the pests wiggling through. They also let water through. Keep them in place with stakes and string, or else the cover could fly off.

Use noisemakers and steamers

Noisemakers, scary-eyed balloons and Mylar streamers all can keep birds away from fruit trees. Birds are one of the most annoying and voracious pests when it comes to grabbing fruit. They have no problem flying over to your trees and staying for awhile. Keep them away with these tools.

Try sticky traps

For smaller pests, or ones who try to access the tree from the ground, use sticky traps. These products can cause any kind of a pest to stick to it and prevent it from climbing up your tree. Place the traps fairly low on the trunk of your tree, to prevent the insects from getting too close.

If you have a considerable pest problem, or none of these tactics work, don't reach for the pesticides. These chemicals may end up on your fruit, and could hurt you or your family. Instead, call up pest management professionals to take care of the problem. They can properly handle your situation, regardless of what type of pest you have.

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