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How to keep clothing moths away from your rugs

Abell Pest Control

Though their name suggests their fondness for clothing, clothes moths also appreciate a few different types of materials - like rugs. As surprising as it seems, clothing moths like to nibble on wool and oriental rugs. So, if you've just purchased an expensive rug, consider these tips to keep the moths away.

Getting to know the clothing moth

Though clothing moths love feeding on stored sweaters and blankets, that isn't the only thing they feed on, New Mexico State University noted. These bugs have a plethora of textiles in the home to choose from, including rugs and upholstered furniture. Since so many items in the home use fabrics these days, it's all too easy for moths to find their dinner. Moths can eat a few different types of fibers, including silks, wool and other specialty fibers. That means a variety of objects in your home are vulnerable. Carpets, drapes, rugs and upholstered furniture made of polyester, acrylic, nylon, acetate and other materials could be damaged by moths.

How to keep moths away from your rugs

Consider these pest control tips to stop moths from chowing down on your fine rugs.

Promote cleanliness

Clothing moths may initially come around because they're drawn by food or beverages, ABC Oriental Rugs stated. If your family members are fond of eating near rugs or on upholstered furniture that sits on a rug, make sure they clean up after themselves. Vacuum often to suck up any crumbs and immediately clean up beverage spills. Drapes and curtains should also be brushed consistently. Homeowners can also dry clean clothing to prevent pests. Most dry cleaners use a solvent that's toxic to insects. Clothing moths can also feed off of pet dander and skin particles, so regular sweeping and vacuuming can eliminate this.

Be mindful of used furniture

If you just bought used furniture, check it for two things: bed bugs and clothing moths. Both of these pests could be hiding in small crevices and will infest your home. If you put the used furniture near a nice rug, clothing moths could have a field day. Have the furniture cleaned before bringing it into the house for safe measure.

Sear cracks and clean air ducks

Clothing moths enter homes in a variety of ways. Whether its from wool purchased in another country or used furniture, they've got a few tricks. They can also crawl through air ducts and cracks in walls. Clean your air ducts in the summertime, before you need heat.

If you do discover a moth infestation in your rugs, contact local pest service professionals to eradicate the problem.

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