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How to keep bed bugs out of your hotel room

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Now that it's mid-March, it's beginning to be resort season - a time when people go away from their homes and venture down to warmer areas of the world in search of sunny skies and relaxing winds. Well, that dream may come to an abrupt halt when you discover bed bugs crawling around your room. Bed bugs are a common problem in hotels, and if you aren't careful, they may make the trip home with you. Consider these tips to keep bed bugs out of your hotel.

Why bedbugs end up in hotels

You may never have encountered bed bugs before. These small pests come in large numbers and have an affinity for invading apartment complexes, hotels and other lodging destinations, the Minnesota Department of Health noted. Even the finest, most expensive hotels and resorts have dealt with bed bugs. This pest is hard to spot and has a tendency to come out at night, when it likes to feed on sleeping humans. Normally, they hide within sheets of the bed or within the mattress so they are hard to detect by the unsuspecting. Yet they also love to travel. Once they've gotten in your hotel room, they'll invade your clothes and wiggle into your luggage. Before you know it, you'll have brought bed bugs home.

Pest control tips

Be mindful of your suitcase: Since bed bugs are so fond of crawling into suitcases, you should be aware of where you place yours, ABC News stated. If you do have bed bugs and don't know it yet, you definitely don't want to bring them home with you. Place your suitcase on an elevated surface instead of plopping it on the floor. Consider putting it on a chair, the desk or even on the closet shelf. Putting your bag on the floor is an open invitation for beg bugs to wander through your things, while they are less fond of higher surfaces. If you don't have any space, you could place the bag on the tile floor in the bathroom. Bed bugs prefer carpet to tile, and you're more likely to spot them scurrying along.

Give the room a rundown: Before you get settled, inspect your room, especially your bed. Look thoroughly at the curtains and pull back the sheets on the bed. Shake out and fluff the pillows to see if anything comes crawling out. Hopefully, nothing will. However, if you do spy little bugs coming out of the bedding, your room is most likely infested with bed bugs. If this is the case, immediately contact hotel staff.

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