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How preventative pest control can save you money

Abell Pest Control

Aside from the cost of hiring a pest control firm like Abell Pest Control, you may think there's no financial cost to having an influx of insects or rodents in your house. But when you see the damage that some pests cause to homes, you're likely to change your mind and gladly pay the experts to rid your house of its pest population.

Take carpenter ants, for instance. These are large ants that can be destructive to your home's structure, and you can't afford to ignore them. While carpenter ants don't eat wood, they like to burrow into it wherever they can find a rotted area like moisture-damaged wood under eaves, around chimneys, in doors and door frames, beneath wooden siding and shingles, and inside wood porch supports and columns.

You may be able to get rid of some pests yourself with insect sprays and a bug barrier sprayed around your doors, foundation and porch supports. However, the presence may be more widespread than you think, and that's when real damage can occur that leads to structural repairs that you hadn't anticipated.

That's how companies like Abell save you money in the long run - with thorough pest inspections, a customized treatment plan for pest removal and advice so you can avoid these situations in the future.

Pest damage is wide-ranging

Other pests that may cause you considerable damage are rodents. They're particularly stubborn about getting inside buildings when the weather turns chilly, and it's then that they can create structural problems that will cost you money. Rats are capable of chewing through wiring, timber, pipes and brickwork. When they chew through wires, they may cause an electrical fire.

Clothes moths are another type of pest that can cost you money, forcing you to replace clothes that they damage.They gravitate to dark storage areas, lay eggs and feed on fabrics. If you have clothing or other material goods stored for a lengthy period of time, it pays to check on them once in a while to make sure that moths haven't been there.

Bird nests that are built under eaves or other structural locations around your home may clog your gutters and outdoor drainage, causing water backup and possible flooding in your basement. But it's their acidic droppings that can damage paint finishes on cars, house shingles, garden statuary and especially tar-based roofing. If the droppings wear through roofing, leaks can develop, and that's a very expensive problem for homeowners.

About the author:

Abell Pest Control is a family owned Canadian company dedicated to providing effective, professional and courteous service in pest management. Abell is proud to announce its 90th year of providing quality pest control services to North America. Started in 1924 with one office, Abell now employs several hundred people with branch offices across Canada and the United States.

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