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Homes and businesses can harbor silverfish in storage areas

Abell Pest Control

f you're hunting for family mementos or old files in your basement, you may notice damage to the cardboard boxes where they're stored. Or, if you have a bookcase that's been out of the way for years but you've suddenly remembered it may include a volume you'd like to read, don't be surprised if the book binding appears torn and eaten away.

You could have silverfish in your home or business if you tend to store records in cardboard storage rather than filing cabinets. Silverfish can last for many years until a box is moved and they're discovered underneath. By then, they may have been feasting on starchy items like paper, the glue in book bindings and textiles - particularly rayon - that you don't look at often but consider important enough to keep.

Unlike most pests that thrive on garbage and food, silverfish prefer dark, humid areas that are left untouched for long periods. They may have entered your home on the very things they continue to feed on, including paper products or books. Although they prefer places where people aren't likely to disturb them, they may turn up in dark cupboards during periods of high humidity to feed on foods that are high in starch, sugar or protein.

Take steps to limit silverfish

When your home or business is harboring silverfish, a call to a pest management service like Abell Pest Control will address the problem before it gets worse. By isolating where silverfish have been found and other areas in which more are likely to nest and congregate, pest control experts will be able to remove them and give you tips on how to prevent a re occurrence.

Silverfish are what they sound like, wingless and scaly, and can develop in your home any time of the year. The pests are active at night, so they're sometimes hard to find. They're drawn to fairly clean places where you store old belongings - attics, basements, closets and eaves. If these out-of-the-way corners are humid, they'll provide silverfish with ideal conditions in which to reproduce and live.

If you have leaks or insulated pipes that may sweat, pooling and high temperatures are likely to breed more silverfish. Fixing these plumbing issues and installing a dehumidifier will help remove the conditions that allow silverfish to thrive. Patching holes, cracks and other damage to nearby walls and flooring will help minimize their entry into storage areas.

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