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Pest management at hotels and resorts

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In a world where a few bad reviews online can spell the end of a business, pest control is more important than ever for hotels and resorts. Bed bugs are the most talked about problem for the hospitality industry, but there's more to pest control than simply washing the sheets thoroughly. Without an system in place, one instance of a pest infestation can easily get out of control. Here are a few tips for managing pests at hotels and resorts.

Problem bugs
The government of Connecticut reported that 95 percent of people looking for a hotel will avoid an establishment if bed bugs are mentioned in reviews for the property. With stakes too high, it is imperative to stop any pest problems before they happen. The source suggested training housekeeping staff to identify the signs of a bed bug infestation. The sooner you can spot the issue, the sooner you can call a professional pest control company for help. Some hotels even use specially trained dogs to inspect rooms for bed bugs.

Integrated Pest Management
There's no better way to prevent bug infestations than by using an integrated pest management solution. The University of Arkansas noted that a combination of control and prevention methods can drastically reduce bug problems. An IPM means having a system in place that is designed to not only stop infestations as they happen, but to prevent them from occurring at all.

This starts with cleaning. Housekeeping staff members should understand the importance of thorough cleaning. Bedding should be washed with hot water and it should be changed regularly, even if the same guests are staying in the room for an extended period of time. Special attention should be paid to areas of the property with water and food. Leaky pipes and standing water are big attractors of bugs and should be remedied immediately. Kitchen areas should always be kept clean and trash should be removed several times a day. Likewise, trashcans and dumpsters should be kept well away from the building to prevent bugs from entering the building.

The grounds outside the hotel itself should also be monitored for insects. Consider hiring a professional pest control company to spray around the outside of the building, as this will prevent bugs from coming in through tiny cracks in the foundation.

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