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Understand the Importance of Pest Management

Abell Pest Control

In today's modern world, word-of-mouth has gone digital in the form of various review websites. It's never been easier for guests to let others know about their hotel experiences, making pest management a critical aspect to maintain.

Hospitality venues face the challenges of keeping various pests out of the establishment, from mice, to cockroaches, to bed bugs. A single review detailing an experience with any of these creatures will be seen by hundreds of potential guests, which will be detrimental to your establishment.

Work with a pest management company

Your first and best line of defense is your staff. Nobody has more experience with the many areas of your venue than your personnel. Your second line of defense (and an equally critical one) is a reputable and knowledgeable pest management company, such as Abell Pest Control, which provides free bed bug training for hospitality personnel.

After all, a pest management company won't be called in unless someone spots a problem. Hold training sessions on the most common pests that can be found in your region and educate personnel on detection. Stress the importance of letting management know as soon as possible, even if it's only a suspicion. When it comes to pests, it's better to err on the side of caution, so encouraging open communication is essential. From there, pest management professionals can be called in to assess the situation and solve any problems.

Implement a proper response plan

Chances are, a guest will come across a pest at some point, and he or she will tell a staff member. This is a critical moment that can make or break a guest's experience and potential review.

Instead of having guest-recognized pest problems brought to managers' attention, assess the best plan that will help the guest while maintaining the hotel's image. Immediately moving the guest into another room or offering compensation will give him or her, a better experience than if the individual had to wait in the room while the employee seeks out a member of the management team.

Ensuring good reviews is a multi-faceted process, but the most effective step is maintenance. Have rooms thoroughly inspected after every guest leaves to ensure that they're completely clean before the next one moves in. This way, you can monitor the room and flag any potential problems as they develop, rather than after they've happened. Additionally, working with a reputable pest control company will allow you to maintain and treat any problems that may arise.

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