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How to prevent birds from nesting on your porch

Abell Pest Control

Birds can be wonderful things to observe - from far away. They become a little more of a pain if they've decided to take up residence on your deck. There are feathers and unpredicted flights, possibly into the back of your head. Consider these pest control tips to prevent birds from nesting on your porch.

Plan the real timing

Many of the birds that seek refuge in your home are endangered, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds stated. That means you're a little inhumane if you eradicate them forcefully. Instead, keep the peace by planning around the seasons they're active. Birds love spring, so check on any possible nesting areas in the fall and winter. Areas under eaves or obscure areas with holes and gaps should be cleaned and sealed. Try to look for these areas in the morning, before birds have a chance to roost and could become trapped. Try using copper scouring pads, which won't rust and are strong enough to remain in the holes.

Find a predator

OK - not the real kind. A plastic hawk is a good way to scare birds and keep your porch or roof nest-free, the San Francisco Chronicle suggested. Birds will believe the hawk is real and shy away from the area. To keep the act up, occasionally move the hawk around the porch so that the birds don't become comfortable with the object.

You could also try bird diverters, which look like predators eyes to a bird. Hang the reflectors in three or four places around your porch for effectiveness. As the diverters move in the wind, they seem like the movement of a predator. Regular reflective tape could work as well. The tape makes a noise when it blows in the wind, scaring birds.

Use noise

Creating noise near your porch could also deter birds. Simply mounting waterproof speakers could allow you to enjoy a little music on your porch and stay bird-free. When you're not around, you can play the sounds of birds in distress that'll warn other birds in the area.

If you do have a bird nesting problem with your porch or roof, don't handle it yourself. As annoying as birds can be, you shouldn't get involved. Instead, contact pest management professionals to eliminate the birds from your porch safely and properly. Larger properties may have more difficulty determining whether the birds are all gone, so the assistance of professionals is especially crucial.

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