When our Route Manager, Chantelle was checking her rodent stations, this was not the type of rodent she expected to see.

When our Route Manager, Chantelle was making her rounds to check the exterior rodent stations at a client’s property, she came across a big hole in the soil leading under the foundation.

She inspected the hole, and as she did this big vole popped right out. Chantelle got a quick picture of it before it hustled away and left the property. This furry little pest has a short tail, small eyes and tiny ears that are partially hidden by its fur. The animals do not hibernate and are active year-round, day and night.

They dig tunnel systems under your yard, garden and around the home sometimes – like in this case. After the vole took off, Chantelle made sure there were no other voles in the tunnel before sealing it off to keep them from re-entering and causing damage.

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