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Landscaping tips to discourage common pests

Abell Pest Control

Your backyard could be harboring more pests than you think, and there are easy landscaping changes you can make that will discourage bugs, rodents and other critters from setting up shop on your property. Once you have discovered an infestation in your home, it may be time to call a pest exterminator, but consider these preventative steps that may stop unwanted creatures from making into your house or yard in the first place.

Clean up natural hiding spots
One of the best ways to keep rodents and other creatures from getting comfortable in your yard is to remove the sort of habitat they might need to survive. When it comes to mice, rats and other small mammals, protection from areal predators is critical. Without low-lying bushes, brush piles or other places to hide, these pests may not feel comfortable in your yard, and move on before ever trying to infiltrate your house.

By cleaning up old leaf-litter and any other places that might make a good hiding spot, you can discourage all sorts of creatures from finding a home in on your property. Even bugs like ticks or fleas need cover, and a well-kept, clean backyard may have no place for unwanted animal visitors.

Remove any standing water
Many species of insects - especially mosquitos - thrive wherever there is a body of water. This could be a small backyard pond or just a large puddle. Bugs will breed in stagnant water, exacerbating an infestation.

Find ways to remove standing water from your yard. This may mean filling in divots that collect rain water, or even parting ways with an old birdbath. Either way, this will force bugs to breed elsewhere.

Consider flushing bugs away
The DIY Network reported that for bugs that may burrow underground like ants or beetles, a bucket of soapy water will do the trick. If an area of grass shows signs of an infestation, taking matters into your own hands can either serve to adequately diagnosis the problem or even eliminate it entirely.

The site stated that pouring a bucket of water mixed with a little bit of dish detergent will force bugs up from beneath the surface. In this way, you may be able to force these critters from their homes for good, but at the very least you can better identify the problem and give a professional exterminator more accurate intel.

Bring in natural exterminators
Unchecked pests can be a big problem, but leveraging nature to do your dirty work is a great hands-off solution. Planet Natural found that one of the best solutions to a pest problem is to bring in a predator.

When it comes to rodents like mice, a plastic owl or other predatory bird may be helpful for scaring off pests. Otherwise, homeowners may even consider getting a pet cat to bring into the fold. As for eliminating unwanted bugs, bringing in certain native species of insects can serve as an unlikely solution. Planet Natural suggested a praying mantis or a few lady bugs as insects that can be introduced or lured to your garden to eat smaller pests.

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