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Of all retailers, grocery stores are the most susceptible to pest problems. Not only are local insects and rodents attracted to the food and water found in a grocer's, pests can be carried in on fresh produce. Because of these increased risk factors, grocery stores need a thorough pest management strategy. Preventative measures should keep pests at bay, while a responsive strategy can help to mitigate any problems that slip through the cracks. Read on to learn more about integrated pest management at grocery stores.

1. Check the store's interior
Before you can develop a solid strategy for pest control, you need to determine if you already have any problems. The Smithsonian recommended checking the interior walls for damage. This will require staff members to inspect for cracks and water damage where insects or rodents might be able to enter the store. If cracks are found, they should be sealed as soon as possible.

While checking the store's interior, focus on plumbing and humidity levels. Cracked or leaking plumbing can draw insects like centipedes and spiders. High humidity can also create a welcoming environment for mites.

2. Check the store's exterior
Make sure that all trash is kept away from the building and that there are no tree branches overhanging the roof. Squirrels and other rodents can climb trees and use branches to get onto and into the building. If there are a number of insects around the building's foundation, consider hiring a professional pest control company to spray around the exterior.

3. Focus on Sanitation
Keeping store premises clean is key to excluding pest populations. Spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible and expired food should be thrown away before it can attract insects. Fruit in particular can spoil easily and attract flies. Similarly, one piece of bad fruit will speed up the rotting process in other pieces of fruit, due to the release of gases. Utah State University suggested that sanitation be on the top of any pest management strategy. After hours, the store should be cleaned thoroughly. Any pest infestations should be documented so that cleaning efforts can be adjusted, if necessary.

Prevention is the best way to keep a grocery store free of pests. Having an integrated pest management strategy with written instructions for employees is one of the best ways to keep store premises clean and pest free

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