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How to keep ants from disrupting your picnic

Abell Pest Control

It''s your party and you can cry if you want to - but don't let it be because ants are running wild across your food. The ants do not need to come marching one by one, nor do you need any ants in your pants - you just need some ant control.

Here's what you need to do to keep ants from crashing your party, in and out of your home:

Draw a circle of trust with chalk.
You can come and go from the chalk circle as you please, but you can trust that ants won't be coming in the chalk zone. Believe it or not, but Reader's Digest explained that the calcium carbonate that chalk is composed of acts as a natural repellent to ants. When you're sitting out on your patio, trace a chalk circle around wherever you don't want the ants to disturb you and you'll be in for a peaceful evening. You can do the same for other entry points around your home as well. The source noted that grinding up chalk to create a powder can be sprinkled around your garden or your perfect picnic spot to ward off the pests.

Intentionally spill flour in your pantry.
Oh no, did your bag of flour tip and make a mess? Good! Flour is another natural ant repellent. Use that baking ingredient to act as a barrier for some serious insect control, said RD. You can do the same thing you did with the chalk dust and sprinkle it in all your vulnerable places.

Frequently clean your home.
Of course, one fool-proof way is to ensure that there is no reason for ants to enter your home in the first place. Crumbs happen - but if you think you don't have to clean them up right away because they're not bothersome to you then think again. That small cookie particle might not be a big deal to you, but to an ant that is an absolute feast. Tree Hugger explained that even standing water or damp areas in your home from leaky plumbing or over-watered house plants might be attracting ants as well. After all, even ants need some water to quench their thirst after a big meal.

Invade their home first.
If you know where the ant hill is you might want to consider hitting home. RD explained that you can put an upside down flower pot over the hill and then pour boiling water through the hole at the bottom of the pot. This will flush out the ant's home and ban them from your property forcing them to move somewhere else.

A dash of sugar and spice.
And for the piece de resistance, Tree Hugger recommended giving popular ant hangout spots a dusting of cinnamon. You can do this with cinnamon essential oils so you can create a neat barrier without the mess around your house. Plus, it has a nice smell so it'll give your residence a welcoming scent when visitors stop by.

If your ant control is truly too much for you to handle then don't hesitate to give your local pest control management a call.

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