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How to keep mice out of a ski lodge

Abell Pest Control

During the colder months of the year, it's nice to get away for a weekend and travel to a winter lodge to hit the slopes. You arrive and are beginning to settle in when you hear something skittering across the floor. You notice it's a mouse and immediately begin to panic. Your relaxing weekend just turned into a frightening one. Consider these tips to keep mice out of your lodge this ski season.

Why mice invade

Many ski cabins aren't occupied for most of the year, and are set in desolate locations with low temperatures. This environment is perfect for mice, who can make themselves comfortable inside a warm home without getting noticed. By the time you arrive, the mice may have bred, invaded cabinets and even created nests in the walls or rooms. While mice may seem cute, they can be a big problem. Mice carry several types of bacteria that can make you sick if ingested, Yosemite National Park stated. Their feces also carries it, and if it turns into dust, that bacteria can go into the air. They are also difficult to get rid of and can be quite sneaky, especially in larger numbers.

Pest control tips

Use a dehumidifier: Even though winter air tends to be dry, cabins and lodges can get a little humid, and mice and other pests are drawn to it, Cross Country Ski Organization noted. Place a dehumidifier in areas of the house that tend to gather moisture, such as the basement or bathroom. Keeping the air dry while you're away can make your home more difficult to live in.

Hide food: While you're away, food should never be out for pests to invade. Keep all dry food hidden and contained in glass jars or plastic Tupperware. It's important that you don't draw mice in by leaving crumbs around or food exposed. Mice are determined creatures, so they can usually chew through thin plastic or paper. Keeping food out of sight will hopefully keep mice out of sight too.

Inspect: If you own or rent a cabin, take a trip during the off-season or in the summer. Take a look around the house for any openings, cracks or crevices. This could be a loose door, a torn screen or even a small crack in the floorboards. Mice can get into homes through openings the size of a dime, so it's important that you close up even the smallest of holes in warmer months to prevent them from coming in when it gets cold.

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