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The elusive cockroach and how to control it

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When you see a cockroach in your home it can make your stomach sink. Because where there's one, there's bound to be more. Just seeing the little insect skittering across the floor can suddenly make your whole home seem unclean. Then, when you want to get rid of the bug, it seems to perform a vanishing act and disappear into some impossibly small crevice. This makes cockroaches notoriously hard to remove from the home. Powerful insecticides and sticky traps are often required to remove the bugs, and even then it can seem like an impossible task - this is the species of insect that can survive a nuclear explosion, after all.

Cockroach removal
So, what's the easiest way to remove these stubborn bugs from your home? According to the University of California, Berkeley, cockroaches exhibit lightning fast reflexes that allow them to swing around gaps - such as those found under wainscoting - making it seem like they disappear in a flash. You probably won't be able to outrun the insects, so you'll have to take your control method down a different route. Sticky traps are one of the better steps to take against cockroaches, because they limit the spread of harmful poison to one specific location. Other kinds of insecticides might get spread all over your home.

If you must use a dust such as boric acid, it's best to do so around the outside of your home. Just remember to keep your pets and children well away from the area. The University of Pennsylvania recommended using dusts sparingly - too much dust will simply keep the bugs completely away from the area, defeating the purpose of the poison.

Environmental control
As with most pest problems, the best way to keep cockroaches away is to remove any potential sources of food or water. The reason cockroaches are found in bathrooms and kitchens is because these are prime grounds for foraging. Leaky pipes and standing water are perfect for thirsty cockroaches. Plumbing maintenance is a key way to keep cockroaches out of your bathroom.

Keeping your trash cans away from your home and emptying them regularly is another way to prevent cockroaches from entering your home. Always remove trash from your home in a timely manner - especially food waste. Keep your home clean, and the pests will steer clear of it.

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