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Stop rats from gaining easy access to commercial properties

Abell Pest Control

The image of rats, from the time of the plague during the Middle Ages until today, has never been good. Considering how much harm they can pose humans and pets, it's no wonder they're among the pests that people dread coming upon most.

Rats can often be found in or near commercial spaces that include warehouses, retail centers and hospitality businesses where they can subsist on human food and garbage. These rodents spread dozens of diseases in a variety of ways - contamination of food and water, waste droppings, bites, and indirectly through parasitic pests like fleas, ticks and mosquitoes that they can carry onto the sites, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The best way for property managers to remove opportunities for rats to thrive in their environments is to limit the places where they can find shelter. Sealing up cracks, holes and other openings that lead into commercial buildings - particularly where food is stored - is the first line of defense against a rat infestation.

The next move is to contact a professional pest control service like Abell Pest Control that will come to your place of business and inspect the premises thoroughly to find where the rats are nesting and surviving. With a pest removal plan customized to the situation, they can treat the areas to eliminate the rats that are there and give managers guidance on how to prevent an infestation from taking place again.

Take additional precautions

People sometimes make jokes about rats in sewers, but they're based on some measure of truth. If a sewer line that's connected to a commercial building or a home is breached, rats may indeed have an easier time getting inside the structure. Installing a "rat stop" allows water to flow but blocks the entry of rats beyond the sewer line into a structure.

Beyond such measures, prevention is the key to stopping an influx of rats in your commercial property. Keeping a clean perimeter around your building and grounds, which includes locating the trash dumpsters some distance from the structure, should be a priority. Any debris that's deemed edible by rats will keep them coming in search of more food, so the entire trash area must be kept clean with the dumpsters closed at all times.

For homeowners, the precautions are the same with some added advice. Trash cans should have tight-fitting lids and bird feeders and composting bins should have rat-resistant blocks or covers.

About the author:

Abell Pest Control is a family owned Canadian company dedicated to providing effective, professional and courteous service in pest management. Abell is proud to announce its 90th year of providing quality pest control services to North America. Started in 1924 with one office, Abell now employs several hundred people with branch offices across Canada and the United States.

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