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Welcome to Abell’s articles section, here you will find a myriad of useful information about common indoor and outdoor pests for both residential and commercial environments, preventative tips for avoiding infestations as well as practical do it yourself solutions for keeping them away from your home and business.

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Make sure carpet beetles do not infest your home

Carpet beetles are not only annoying for homeowners across the world, but they can cause damage to rugs, carpets and other fabrics. Likely, these nuisances can be spotted easily and, with the help of pest control services, can be expelled from your home.

CleanSafe Kitchen program aims for high level of sanitation

Pest control is one of the main components of a commercial kitchen's effort to keep its facility sanitized for food safety and to pass audits by health inspectors. At Abell Pest Control, the CleanSafe Kitchen program was formed for that very reason.

Make outdoor repairs as part of home pest control to deter rats

During warm months, coming upon rats on your patio can be every bit as unsettling as finding one in your dining room or basement in the wintertime. Whether they're inside or outdoors, they carry bacteria and contaminate both the food and surfaces that are in their path.

Make pest inspection part of your gardening routine

As you walk around your yard and flower beds, you can spot them easily - the mounds of sand that indicate ants have set up residence on your property. They could be fire ants, which can give you a painful sting, harmless worker ants or carpenter ants that can cause damage when they gnaw at your home's structure.

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