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How to prevent bed bugs on the subway

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Many commuters use the subway each day to get to and from work or to run errands. While public transportation can have its issues, such as running late, there's nothing worse than discovering a pest infestation while on the train. However, this is becoming a common problem, according to the NY Daily News. People are leaving the train a little itchier than they expected, and it's mainly due to bed bugs. Consider these tips to prevent bed bugs from following you home.

Why bedbugs like subways

Subways are one of the busiest forms of public transportation. For many hours of the day, they are packed with travelers moving back and forth between the city and home. As so many people come on and off the subway each day, it's hard to lead a bed bug infestation back to the train. Instead, people may blame other things, such as their apartment, a piece of clothing or a new mattress. While bed bugs are inhabiting more and more items these days, trains are becoming commonplace. Unless a person deliberately spots a bed bug on the move, these problems can go on for months without notice, meaning bed bugs can really get comfortable. Many people also bring their belongings on the train, from briefcases to handbags and even suitcases for traveling. This is a dream for bed bugs, as they can wiggle into items with ease and be transported to a new place. Most importantly, the subway is filled with warm bodies, which bed bugs can feed off of for days.

Pest control tips

Skip the seat: If you're offered a seat on the train, opt to stand instead, Allergy Technologies advised. Bed bugs love fabric-lined seating or upholstered items, so they're more likely to be hiding in the seats than anywhere else. Standing will lower your chances of a bug getting too cozy with you. You should also keep your bag with you, instead of on the seat. Keeping your bag on top of one of the seats makes it vulnerable to infestation. If you find that it's hard to hold your belongings while on public transportation, maybe you should consider keeping these bags at home if possible, or covering them in a plastic bag when you're commuting.

Keep your eyes peeled

Keep your eyes peeled: Look around while on the train for any signs of bed bugs. They could be anywhere, and you may notice an egg casing instead of the bug itself. Regardless, if you see bed bugs, you should notify authorities.

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