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How to keep rodents out of your grill

Abell Pest Control

As the weather warms up, you may be itching to get back to grilling. However, you come out to your grill and find that something has been living in it. While there are a few types of pests that like to live in grills, one of the most common is rodents. These pests can adapt to just about any situation, meaning they get comfortable quickly. Before you know it, you might have an entire family of rodents nesting in your grill. Naturally, this can hinder your cooking. Consider these tips to keep rodents out of your grill.

Why rodents like grills

Though it might seem like an odd spot to build a nest, it isn't uncommon to find rodents making themselves comfortable in your grill, the San Francisco Chronicle noted. First off, rats and mice love food, and there are usually a few crumbs lying near the grill. These can attract rats, especially if you cook often. Rats and other types of vermin also are fans of places that shelter them away from predators and inclement weather, so what better spot than a grill for that? Most grills have nooks and crannies that make great hiding spots.

Pest control tips

Follow these suggestions to keep rodents out of your grill.

  • Keep it clean: Don't give rodents the opportunity to nest in your grill, Do It Yourself stated. Keep it clean of any kind of debris that rats and mice might find useful for nesting material. Items such as twigs, leaves and even leftover charcoal can be used to help build a rodent's home. Get rid of any clutter in your grill, even in the colder months of the year. You don't know when a rat or mouse might venture into your grill looking for a home.

  • Cover it up: It's important to keep your grill covered at all times when you aren't using it. Yes, this cover will protect the grill from any water that could cause rusting, but it also can keep curious pests out. It also might protect your grill from collecting any leaves or dirt. Aim to purchase a cover that completely covers the grill, not just the top portion. This type of coverage can prevent rodents from crawling up into it through small cracks or crevices.

  • Close openings: As grills get older, small parts may rust and certain areas might open. Keep these areas closed using sheet metal on these small cracks. Don't use steel wool, the heat from the flame can actually melt and burn the grill.

About the author:

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