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Welcome to Abell’s articles section, here you will find a myriad of useful information about common indoor and outdoor pests for both residential and commercial environments, preventative tips for avoiding infestations as well as practical do it yourself solutions for keeping them away from your home and business.

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How to keep raccoons from becoming a nuisance

Most homeowners would probably prefer not to have an encounter with a raccoon in the backyard. Raccoons can harbor infectious diseases, make a mess of household waste and even infest your garage or attic if given the opportunity. That being said, these critters can provide your property with a number of benefits, as raccoons will prey on everything from wasp grubs to small rodents, according to the San Francisco Guardian. All the same, most folks probably would want to keep raccoons at a distance whenever possible. Here are a few helpful tips for discouraging these furry creatures away from your home:

Got skunked-Here's what you can do

Whether you're taking an evening stroll with your dog or hiking through the woods, you may run into a skunk. We know these large pests for their odorous spray that reeks of sulfur. That is the smell of thiol, noted William Wood, Ph.D at Humboldt State University, for Popular Science. That odor alerts us to danger. You may notice it if skunks are looking through your trash for food. Approach them with caution.

Everything you need to know about booklice

Whether it's an overturned trash can, droppings on the counter or stained bed sheets, many common pests leave behind clues that make it easy to spot an infestation. From there, you can quickly call a pest removal specialist and sort out the problem with as little hassle as possible. Other creatures, however, do a much better job of staying hidden, and that means a pest problem can go on for weeks or months undetected.

Don't bring home pests from your tropical vacation

A tropical vacation is an idyllic way to escape the cold and snow that comes with winter weather. This time of year, families across Canada and the Northern U.S. flock to places like Florida, Central America or the Caribbean, as these regions are full of sandy beaches, palm trees and many hotels and resorts to hang your hat and unwind.

How to keep pests from flower beds

Flowers are a wonderful aspect of a yard, and can remind a homeowner of spring and warmer times. There is a wide range of types, appealing to the taste of any gardener. However, many people wouldn't expect that flowers are a delectable snack to some pests. Homeowners may be discouraged when they travel to their garden to collect flowers and find that many have been destroyed or are completely missing. Consider these tips to keep pests out of your flower beds.

What city-dwellers need to know about pigeons

Pigeons are among the most prolific urban animals, and represent a considerable threat to your home or business. Having earned the unpleasant label "rats with wings," there's plenty of reason to avoid these birds. Pigeons can transmit harmful diseases such as ornithosis, encephalitis, salmonellosis and others. And aside from harboring bacteria, bird waste can also cause expensive property damage.

Electronic Pest Control Management

For a large business, pest control management can be a daunting task with many key areas of concern. You need an effective plan that can cover thousands of square feet, control a variety of types of pests, fit your particular industry and comply with legal and health code requirements.

Zika update

Since last year, the Zika virus has been making headlines across the country, and while its effects aren't as widespread as it was once feared they might be, it's still important to take precautions about the virus when visiting warmer climates. As autumn arrives, mosquito populations are bound to decrease, though in some parts of North America, the insects will never go away for long. Here's what you need to know about Zika as the season changes:

Wildlife to watch out for this summer

As summer hits its peak, tourists and locals alike love lounging outdoors to enjoy the warmer nights. They aren't the only ones: Wild animals will likely linger outdoors longer. Some pests, like raccoons, can rifle through your garbage looking for their next meal. Read on to learn about the different wildlife to be on the lookout for this summer:

How to prevent blow flies in your home

Blow flies are an irritating pest. You can hear them, but rarely see them or catch them. Once one shows up, somehow there are more. A nuisance in any home, prevention is key. Consider these tips for how to prevent blow flies from landing in your home.

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