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Keep carpenter bees away as spring arrives

Abell Pest Control

Chances are, spring is a welcome season for those who live in regions with inclement winter weather. However, with sun and fun comes the responsibility of heightening home pest control.

The University of Missouri pointed out that carpenter bees emerge in April to mate and reproduce. There are a number of species in the U.S., and they're named for their ability to tunnel in wood. Though these pests can be mistaken for bumblebees due to their similarity in size, carpenter bees have a shiny black abdomen.

Dealing with carpenter bees

According to the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, carpenter bees can be alarming to homeowners. They can be found flying around the outside of houses in search of mates. Furthermore, males are often aggressive and aren't afraid to approach humans. However, they don't have stingers. Females, on the other hand, do have stingers, but will only attack if threatened.

Carpenter bees often bore tunnels in eaves, siding, decks, window trims and other outdoor areas of the home made from wood. The entrances to these tunnels are perfectly round, and once inside, female bees will lay their eggs. These will hatch in late summer, at which point your house will play home to even more carpenter bees. Furthermore, the UK pointed out that female bees may return to the same site year after year. This means that the damage can be serious and extensive if the bees enlarge old tunnels or create new ones.

Protect your home

The UK stated that there are certain aspects of wood that'll attract carpenter bees, namely wood that's bare, weathered and unpainted. As the weather begins to warm up, it may be time to head outside and paint uncoated surfaces or apply a new layer of paint if the old one is looking worse for wear. For even more protection, keep outside doors closed during carpenter bee mating season.

Getting rid of carpenter bees

Should you suspect a carpenter bee infestation or recognize one, reach out to pest control services such as Abell Pest Control. Since the males are aggressive and the females can sting, it may not be a project that you should take upon yourself, as you might not have the proper means or knowledge to do so. Working with pest control professionals will ensure that the problem is taken care of safely, efficiently and completely.

About the author:

Abell Pest Control is a family owned Canadian company dedicated to providing effective, professional and courteous service in pest management. Abell is proud to announce its 90th year of providing quality pest control services to North America. Started in 1924 with one office, Abell now employs several hundred people with branch offices across Canada and the United States.

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